4th October – End Hunger UK

This Wednesday, 4th October, we welcomed Rachel McGrath.  Rachel is the Grant Director and Deputy CEO for the Northamptonshire Community Foundation and has supported UKCF, the national network of Community Foundations in developing a resource for foundations to measure the impact of grantmaking. Rachel is also working with the Northamptonshire Food Poverty Network and we will send you an update to them explaining how you can help. Committed to responding to the needs of people on the ground, however, understanding that this should only be a short-term need.

Rachel spoke eloquently about the work of The End Hunger UK Campaign and the work they are doing to raise support for the School Holidays (Meals and activities) Bill that Frank Field M.P. has presented to Parliament.  Philip Hollobone M.P. is the only Northamptonshire M.P. that has pledged to support the Bill although 126 in total have signed up. The Bill is due for its second reading on the 19th January 2018 so you have plenty of time to contact your local MP and ask him to support the Bill something that we can do which would help enormously.

In the discussion that followed Rachel highlighted the great work being done by over 2000 foodbanks who together with other community groups are seeking to offer immediate help to those in need. What is needed is a living wage and a Benefits structure which enables recipients to both ‘eat and heat’ and not leave them to make a choice between the two!

Check out the website ‘feedingbritain.org’ for more information.

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