2nd May – Electric Cars

On the 2nd May, we welcomed Trevor Larkum from Fuel Included. Trevor brought his fully electric car for us to look at and kindly did a Q & A session for us.

As you might expect we covered all aspects of owning an electric car, including range, recharging points, costs, carbon footprint from manufacture to recycling and all the other essentials.

Perhaps more interesting for me was the move into home battery storage for night time power supply. The systems are now available to store unused daytime PV electricity instead of feeding it into the grid. With the reduction of Feed-In Tariffs (they will go all together on new installations) this goes a long way to improving the payback time especially when this is coupled with the reduction in solar panel costs! Use of a ‘Green Energy’ electricity supplier is as always, a key part of reducing the carbon footprint of any system.  Of course, nothing beats using less energy so improving insulation to in the home is a top choice.


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